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About Mentally Unstable

Mentally Unstable is Level 25 Alliance guild on  Trollbane 

The name was given in reference to its creators at the time - and deemed to be quite fitting.  

The guild is made up of a majority of adult players, most of whom have been playing for many years, and a select few younger players.  

What we do:  We are quite laid back as a group, and often tend to do our own thing, we will help each other out and group up for dungeons  / dailies etc. We will run old content for transmog / achievements etc. We resepct each other, have fun, we make fun of you when you stand in fire. If you cant take sarcasm, or laugh at your own misfortunes we may not be the guild for you. Raiding is part of our guild, though not compulsary - we aim for a more casual but progressive guild status.

What we dont do:  babysit, give out gold, or tolerate annoying guild spam or run you through instances etc  "on demand".  We are all mature players, we levelled our toons, earned our gold , know how to read boss fights and not stand in fire. - well most of us do!

Being Mature : is not an "age" thing- its a "dont be a pain" thing,  we have  mature players  of ALL ages.  Being a mature guild does not mean we dont have fun  - we most definitely do,  -  what it means is that we strongly avoid issues like  " who can lend me 5000g" and Chuck Norris jokes  spammed in guild.


What we expect from you:

1- Be respectful, there are people in guild who are new to WOW - no questions are stupid!

2- Dont  make the officers / council want to faceplant their keyboard with your annoying g-chat spam or yelling in vent. We are not interested in how much you have smoked today - thank you.

3- If you want to raid - have vent,  DBM and know how to stay out of things your not supposed to be in, turn up if you sign up or let someone know  whenever possible if you can't, be prepared, read fights, we dont expect perfection but we do expect you to have a clue. - please  let someone know your interested in raiding- we aren't psychic.

4- Vent general chat is a place  for adults, there are no language or topic filters.  If you are not happy with vent content there is a "fluffy" channel you can use :D

5- G-chat is generally PG rated  please respect this.  We do this as we do have some non annoying younger payers in the guild.

6- We do not give  guild bank loans, the G bank is to cover repairs etc. If you need a bank loan please  go and see your local branch manager.

7- MUST have a warped sense of humour, an ability to laugh at yourself and others, not be easily offended, tolerant  of other peoples bad jokes and much more.



We are always open for recruitment, casual players etc always welcome.  There  are no raid spots open currently though we are always looking for people interested in covering  raid spots   ideal for those who like to raid but cannot commit to  a regualr schedule.  This is an adult guild,  chat is not censored, if you are under 18, or are easily offended please do not apply to the guild.

Thanks - Tannah GM


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